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Join us on the way to a completely new foreign trade everyday life


The future role of AI in customs

At CustAI, we are committed to facilitating global trade through the use of intelligent technology.


Our mission is to develop tailor-made and future-oriented AI solutions that help participants to move efficiently and easily in the world of customs and foreign trade in order to create significant added value in everyday foreign trade.

Logistics manager looks at a futuristic container ship and has a laptop in his hand

Values & Principles

Arbeitskollegen sitzen zusammen und arbeiten an einem Projekt.

Customer focus

The needs and satisfaction of our customers come first. We firmly believe that our success is inextricably linked to the success of our customers. That's why we're passionate about customer-focused and innovative solutions that meet your individual needs.

Transparency & openness

CustAI is committed to transparency and openness in communication. We strive to provide clear and understandable information, whether relating to our products, prices or business practices. We create an environment where questions and feedback are welcome and where customers and partners are fully informed.

Dealing with AI

Responsibility is a core principle at CustAI. We are aware of the enormous potential and equally great responsibility that comes with the development and application of AI. We continually work to ensure that our AI technologies are not only powerful, but also responsible.


June 2023


From idea to reality: the founding of CustAI symbolizes the moment when the vision of a user-friendly and efficient customs and foreign trade platform was manifested.

August 2023


Technology milestone: With the first prototype of an AI-based customs specialist, we embarked on a new era of accessibility and transparency in the complex terrain of cross-border traffic.

Zwei professionelle Arbeiter kontrollieren Überseecontainer.
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